Formula Handler: Update to support sequential data

Support for formulas across sequential data including addition of support for new formulas.

Pattern Handler

Added handler to allow specifying when a column is a concatenation of other features in the data set.

Location Handler: Update to support more locales

Location handler extended to support more locales and also support multiple locales within the same handler.


  • Performance improvements for the regex ID Hander


  • Scores on Hub tabs now update when changing epsilon value
  • Post generation options now correctly handle missing values in synthesised data
  • Correctly remove "evaluation exclude" columns from cross-table mutual information metric

Breaking Changes

The Formula Handler, Location Handler and ID Handler (regex) changes may break previous json configuration using these handlers. Below is a summary of the changes.

Location Handler

  • Locale has been replaced by locales
  • Country_cd has been replaced by iso2 and iso3
  • County has been replaced by region
  • Street_address has been replaced by street
  • State_cd has been replaced by state_code
  • State_name has been replaced by state
  • knn has been dropped

Formula Handler

  • Formula has been replaced by expression

ID Handler

  • The max_length parameter has been dropped from the regex config