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Fuel decision-making with better analytics

Business decisions are only as good as the data backing them up. We’ll help you improve your analytics to empower intelligent business.

Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies

Give your teams tools to generate quality intelligence

Your teams need quality insights to make the best decisions. And quality is typically achieved with real data, yet this makes collaboration slower and more complex.

With Hazy synthetic data, you’ll empower your teams to generate better analytics that can be shared safely between teams, leading to better decisions across your business.

Synthetic data for retail

Extrapolate data insights

A retail firm would gather consumer insights with surveys. But even small datasets were costly and slow to produce. Now they dial up results with synthetic data augmentation.

Synthetic data for telecommunications

Leverage IoT revenue opportunities

A telco firm’s smart devices gather personal data which is unusable due to privacy regulation. Synthetic data duplicates this raw data, so it can be compliantly used or sold to third parties.

Synthetic data for telecommunications

Improve analytics and reports

Vodafone uses synthetic data to accelerate its analytics and reporting, so teams can improve services for their consumer and business customers.

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Highly reliable

Hazy synthetic data is a drop-in replacement with all the patterns, statistical properties and correlations of the source data.


Extremely secure

Our software gets installed next to the source environment, so your production data never needs to leave your trusted environment.


Easily deployed

With the support of a Customer Success Manager, you’ll have a tailored onboarding programme that ensures the success of synthetic data across your organisation.


Simply purchased

Our pricing model is based on a simple product structure, and it scales from single table to enterprise deployment with ease.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies