Why Hazy

Our synthetic data delivers real results

Hazy is a proven partner in delivering innovative synthetic data technology in the most complex enterprise environments.

£ 1.2 M

Yearly revenue up

We helped a major market research company increase their annual subscription fee revenue by 20%
60 ×

Faster vendor evaluation

We helped Nationwide reduce vendor onboarding from six months to three days

10 ×

Faster data provisioning

We helped a global automotive brand analyse credit risk quicker, increasing successful lending applications ten-fold


Pioneers in synthetic data

Hazy was the first company to take synthetic data to market as a viable enterprise product.

Our talented team and specialist advisors deal in cutting-edge research, development and academia within synthetic data, making sure Hazy technology stays at the forefront.


Built for enterprise

Our software was developed to handle complex data from even the largest organisations.

It seamlessly integrates into even the most complex network and security infrastructures, working directly beside your source data for maximum security whether that's on-premises or on your private cloud.


Proven in production

We’ve been working with tier 1 enterprise clients from day 1, building our product around their needs.

Our experience in scoping, implementation and driving business value is why we continue to be trusted by some of the largest organisations.

Business benefits

What Hazy synthetic data enables you to do


Reduce risk

Use data without any sensitive information to protect your customers, stay compliant and avoid breaches.


Streamline transformation

Quickly generate reliable test data for a faster way to validate new systems and technologies.


Innovate faster

Use synthetic data to quickly validate external vendors, test new products and supercharge your innovation pipeline.


Grow revenue

Unlock incremental revenue streams with data you can share, sell and build on without restriction. 

Luke Ibbetson
Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone
“Our team was impressed with the quality, utility and usability of the generated datasets, as well as the software’s ease of deployment. We are keen to explore the power of a synthetic data platform for other Vodafone teams to access useful synthetic data without privacy concerns.”
Chief Data Officer
Chief Data Officer, Nationwide
“Hazy’s synthetic customer and member data has radically improved the speed and safety of digital delivery. Teams now get realistic data in hours or days rather than weeks or months.”

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