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Unlock innovative new revenue streams

The insights your data holds have untold value to your business – and they could be hugely valuable to others too.

Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies

Make an existing asset work harder for your business

New revenue streams are often blocked by regulatory and governance restrictions. So for most businesses, commercialising data is either too risky or costs too much to be viable. 

Hazy synthetic data enables you to safely productise your data. So you can transform an existing asset into something even more valuable, with little investment and zero risk.

Synthetic data for automotive

Approve customer credit faster

A leading automotive firm uses Hazy synthetic data to optimise its credit decisions, grow its lending base and reduce the risk of bad loans.

Global automotive company uses Hazy to boost data provisioning

Synthetic data for research

Sell data safely

A market research firm is using Hazy synthetic data to explore the potential of selling insights to media and advertising partners, without compromising consumers’ privacy.

Synthetic data for telecommunications

Monetise insight

A telco firm tracks mobile phone usage to generate people-movement insights which can be sold to support town planning. We help synthesise their data to make it safe to sell.

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Highly reliable

Hazy synthetic data is a drop-in replacement with all the patterns, statistical properties and correlations of the source data.


Extremely secure

Our software gets installed next to the source environment, so your production data never needs to leave your trusted environment.


Easily deployed

With the support of a Customer Success Manager, you’ll have a tailored onboarding programme that ensures the success of synthetic data across your organisation.


Simply purchased

Our pricing model is based on a simple product structure, and it scales from single table to enterprise deployment with ease.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies