Why work at Hazy

Help us set data free

We believe in data that’s open, transparent and trusted.

We’ve pioneered synthetic data to help protect peoples’ privacy and generate new value for businesses and society.

Will O’Brien
Will O’Brien, Principal Engineer

It's an exciting product, but that alone isn't always enough. I’ve definitely worked in places with pretty high levels of toxicity, red tape, office politics and not having to see any of that at Hazy is really refreshing. 

There’s the technical challenge of the product, which is super interesting, and that’s combined with awesome culture.

Marisa Teh
Marisa Teh, Chief Product Officer

The people at Hazy are just fantastic! There's so many smart people here and I learn loads every day. There's also a very huge culture around supporting individuals’ growth.

Right now we're at a step where we are working to make synthetic data easier for people to use, for helping companies with compliance, but that's only one segment, right? Data is at the heart of everything, so I’m looking forward to what else we can deploy it for - the new user journeys, new products, and new challenges.

Evan Griffiths
Evan Griffiths, Machine Learning Engineer

I like the nature of the kind of code we're writing. It’s quite fast paced, so there's less sitting, looking out the window ruminating, thinking about solutions, and more implementation and getting things done: faster feedback, faster results.

I’m excited for the big ‘Aha’ moment with synthetic data.

Why work at Hazy

Join a team on a mission

With most of the world’s data locked away because of regulations, we’re on a mission to set data free, so it can advance the information economy and better the world we live in.

When you join Hazy, you join a community. We each have a role to play, and that includes living and breathing our core values to make Hazy great – and keep it that way.

Working with Hazy

Guided by strong values

We’re here to win, our way

We're ambitious. We want to be the best without compromising our beliefs.

We opt in

We're part of a community. We’re proactive and engaged in shaping our culture.

We’re curious

We listen and take the time to understand, innovate, share and adapt.

We’re calm

We communicate clearly and make considered decisions. We’ve got it under control.

Our people

Synthetic data, real people

Amaka Anyaoku
Amaka Anyaoku, Sales Development Representative

I joined Hazy because I was looking for a workplace that would be accepting and where I would also be able to grow in my career. 

I had never been an SDR before but I had similar experiences in previous roles so I thought I’d give it a go and I’m actually pretty good at the job. It’s a really supportive environment, and the career progression is very clear.  

My confidence has grown loads. The job comes with rejections and not necessarily in the nicest way, sometimes but I’m more resilient now, and just get excited when I see my work impacting the company.

Ravi Malde
Ravi Malde, Machine Learning Engineer

I started in 2020 as a data science intern and the team was super supportive of my development during that whole time. They gave me exposure to as many areas of engineering and data science as possible. 

I’ve stayed at Hazy because I love that aspect of the culture. The people I work with are super friendly and supportive, generous with their time. 

I’m now a tech lead here: I still code every day but I get to input on product direction as well. What I love about the product is it’s a win-win. It's a win for our customers’ customers because there's no risk of their data getting leaked. And it's a win for our customers as they can actually use their data.

Rui Alves
Rui Alves, Machine Learning Engineer

I've had experience in the past with dealing with personally identifiable data and how much of a pain it was to obfuscate it just so the data scientists could play around with it. So I know for a fact from experience that the Hazy software immediately has a lot of value. 

Working at Hazy, I have the chance to actually work on production level code. It makes you feel that every little piece that you write, every little piece of code, it contributes to something, to a bigger picture.


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