This page contains links to the terms of our products and services

This page contains links to the terms of our products and services.

You can view a summary of any material changes to our terms under the “Changes to terms” heading below. The most recent entries are set out at the top of the list.

General Terms

This contract comprises the General Terms (GTs) under which Hazy supplies its software products and services. The GTs reference various information which is contained either on this page or in Hazy Docs which is a secure environment accessible only by login credentials for those customers placing orders with Hazy.

General Terms (PDF)

Data Processing Terms

This policy defines how Hazy will process any personal data as part of its professional services that you may purchase either for consulting or to support project implementation. NOTE: any variation to the terms of this policy must be agreed and appended to the Order Form that we will provide in advance.

Data Processing Terms (PDF)

Acceptable Use Policy

This Hazy Acceptable Use Policy applies to all Hazy software products that you use for business and forms part of your contract with us unless specifically stated otherwise in the contract.

Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Minimum Product Requirements

These are the minimum requirements necessary to run the Hazy software. NOTE: depending on the scale of your implementation, we will work with you to define the processing power required if greater than the minimum defined here.

Minimum Product Requirements (PDF)

Contract Changes Tracker

Material changes to our terms are set out below:

Contract Changes Tracker (PDF)