Why synthetic data

The future of data is synthetic

An estimated $3 trillion of annual economic value is trapped in data. Synthetic data has the power to set it free.

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A new approach to data that’s transforming industries

With growing demand for privacy protection and tightening regulations, it’s never been harder or riskier for businesses to access and use the data they hold.

Unlike methods such as data anonymisation and masking, Hazy Synthetic Data creates replica datasets with all the statistical properties and correlations of the source data, without risking privacy.

Data that flows

Faster to use

Hazy synthetic data can move seamlessly through your organisation and be instantly shared with internal teams and external partners without months of data de-risking and sign-off processes.

Data that's useful

Easier to use

Hazy synthetic data plugs straight into your data store, putting high quality data directly into the hands of the teams that need it most.

Data that can be trusted

Safer to use

Hazy synthetic data removes all PII from your source data while protecting its statistical properties, so you never have to choose between quality and privacy – you can have both.

Patrick Hegarty
Patrick Hegarty, Accenture
“We’re using Hazy synthetic data to verify different sequences and different assumptions we made around customers using qualitative and quantitative assumptions before, but Hazy allows us to test that on realistic customer data.”
Luke Ibbetson
Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone
“Our team was impressed with the quality, utility and usability of the generated datasets, as well as the software’s ease of deployment. We are keen to explore the power of a synthetic data platform for other Vodafone teams to access useful synthetic data without privacy concerns.”
Madhu Narasimhan
Madhu Narasimhan, Wells Fargo
“We underestimated the amount of enthusiasm our internal data scientists would have for this. It’s not just a plus for our business and our ability to serve our customers better; it’s a great workforce energising mechanism as well.”
Enterprise partners

Hazy plugs into your tech ecosystem


Cloud partners

Hazy integrates with leading infrastructure such as AWS and Azure, so you can easily generate and use synthetic data in the cloud.


System integrators

We partner with your existing integrators, or can bring our own, to help bake Hazy’s synthetic data into your tech transformation projects.


Tech partners

Hazy pre-integrates into your existing data and technology stack, so you can plug synthetic data into exactly how you work today.

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