Enable cross boundary data analytics

Hazy synthetic data generation lets you create business insight across company, legal and compliance boundaries — without moving or exposing your data.

Synthetic data

A new paradigm in information transfer

Hazy uses advanced generative models to distill the signal in your data before condensing it back into safe synthetic data.

Synthetic data generation and transfer illustration

1. Train

Hazy uses generative models to understand and extract the signal in your data.

2. Distill

These models can then be moved safely across company, legal and compliance boundaries.

3. Condense

Before then being used to generate statistically equivalent synthetic data.

4. Use

That's drop-in compatible with your existing analytics code and workflows.


In enterprise financial services

Hazy synthetic data generation is built to enable enterprise analytics. We specialise in the financial services data domain.

Enterprise class capability

Enterprise class capability

An enterprise class software platform with a track record of successfully enabling real world enterprise data analytics in production.

Enterprise class capability
Financial services data

Financial services data

Advanced generative models that can preserve the relationships in transactional time-series data and real-world customer CIS models.

Read about how we reduced time, cost and risk for Nationwide Building Society by enabling them to generate highly representative synthetic data for transactions.

Financial services data
Formal privacy guarantees

Formal privacy guarantees

Formal differential privacy guarantees that ensure individual-level privacy and can be configured to optimise fundamental privacy vs utility trade-offs.

Formal privacy guarantees
Case study
"Often one of our biggest challenges as we develop innovative analytics solutions is accessing customer data."
Patrick Hegarty

Patrick Hegarty

Global Centre for Innovation

Hazy helped the Accenture Dock team deliver a major data analytics project for a large financial services customer. Accenture were aiming to provide an advanced analytics capability. However, their ability to do so was blocked by data access constraints.

Hazy generated a synthetic version of their customer’s data that preserved the core signal required for the analytics project. This unblocked Accenture’s ability to analyse the data and deliver key business insight to their financial services customer.

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“Hazy has the potential to transform the way everyone interacts with Microsoft’s cloud technology and unlock huge value for our customers.”


“By 2022, 40% of data used to train AI models will be synthetically generated.”


“At Nationwide, we’re using Hazy to unlock our data for testing and data science in a way that signicantly reduces data leakage risk.”

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