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Responsible data sharing for
your business with

Built-in GDPR compliance

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Treat data responsibly

Customer data is the new fur. Treat it responsibly and take data sharing seriously in the age of GDPR.

Secure data sharing

Track and manage who has access to your data with Hazy's secure data sharing system.

Built-in GDPR compliance

Share data under GDPR compliant legal agreements with built-in access and audit logs.

Anonymisation AI (BETA)

Coming soon: automated data anonymisation that can optimise privacy for each use case.

How it Works

Manage GDPR compliance whilst still sharing data.

To share data that may contain personal information you need at least to put in place GDPR compliant legal agreements. Hazy automatically generates these for you and keeps an audit log of who has accessed which data, when and for what purpose

Access control

Take control of your data estate.

Link databases, S3 buckets and documents. Create and manage teams of users with "controller" and "processor" privileges. Invite third party companies to collaborate with time limited access.

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What our customers are saying about us


“Privacy preserving data sharing and analysis, of the kind being pioneered by Hazy, is massively important with potential to reshape the data economy and beyond. More immediately, the challenges of GDPR are on everybody’s mind and automated anonymisation can play a critical role in addressing them.”

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Frictionless data sharing with built-in GDPR compliance.

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