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Hazy is a synthetic data platform that re-engineers your data to make it faster, easier and safer to use.

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What we do

We enable every organisation to actually use its data

Data has never been more valuable. But with growing privacy demands and tightening regulations, most of the world’s data is locked away and unusable.

Hazy has pioneered a new approach that allows you to actually use your data. So you can make better decisions, develop new technologies and deliver more value for your customers.

Why Hazy?

Why Hazy

Synthetic data, real results

Hazy was the first company to take synthetic data to market as a viable enterprise product. Today, we continue to deploy our pioneering technology in the most complex environments, helping enterprises generate production-quality datasets that create real value.

Why Hazy?
Alex Bannister
Alex Bannister, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nationwide Building Society
“We work with Hazy to unlock data for innovation in a way that puts our members and their data privacy first.”
Luke Ibbetson
Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone
“Our team was impressed with the quality, utility and usability of the generated datasets, as well as the software’s ease of deployment. We are keen to explore the power of a synthetic data platform for other Vodafone teams to access useful synthetic data without privacy concerns.”
Madhu Narasimhan
Madhu Narasimhan, Wells Fargo
“We wanted to make sure that it would be extremely easy for our data scientists to access data and train models. Absent that, we would just be transferring manual labour from one place to the other; we don’t harness any real value. Synthetic data allows us to carry out our experiments at scale.”
How it works

Discover Hazy synthetic data


Highly reliable

Hazy synthetic data is a drop-in replacement with all the patterns, statistical properties and correlations of the source data.


Extremely secure

Our software gets installed next to the source environment, so your production data never needs to leave your trusted environment.


Easily deployed

With the support of a Customer Success Manager, you’ll have a tailored onboarding programme that ensures the success of synthetic data across your organisation.


Simply purchased

Our pricing model is based on a simple product structure, and it scales from single table to enterprise deployment with ease.

Our technology

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies