The Hazy software ships as a single core docker image. For a full installation of the distributed architecture, a set of auxiliary images based on open source software are made available in the Hazy docker registry.

The core image contains Hazy product shipped as an aggregate alongside Debian and CPython installations.

The OS, Python runtime and all the open source libraries that are shipped with the product are documented below, including links to source code.

The additional images that are shipped are documented below.

keycloak is based on No code modifications are made. A default realm configuration file that is suitable for use in the Hazy use case is provided for convenience, co-located within the image.

jobinit is a clone of image. No modifications have been made to the upstream image.

rabbitmq is a clone of No modifications have been made to the upstream image.

Hazy Core

The Hazy core image (multi-table) is built on the foundation of the Google distroless image, see for more details. The OS and Python open source dependencies that are unmodified and co-located in the Hazy multi-table image are as follows: