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Entire industries are being shaped by AI and ML.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies

Accelerate your adoption of AI and ML

Many enterprises experience a shortage of high-quality data to build, train and improve algorithms, blocking potential for AI adoption and growth.

Hazy synthetic datasets are so realistic, they perform as well as real data in your AI and ML models. And the quantities you can produce are endless.

Synthetic data for telecommunications

Predict customer churn

Vodafone uses Hazy synthetic data to train their ML models to analyse customer behaviours, so they can predict the likelihood of churn and react before it happens.

Vodafone Group partners with Hazy to roll out synthetic data

Synthetic data for telecommunications

Detect fraud

A tier two US bank is deploying Hazy synthetic data to replicate fraudulent banking transactions, so their ML models get more exposure to fraud and can better detect it.

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Highly reliable

Hazy synthetic data is a drop-in replacement with all the patterns, statistical properties and correlations of the source data.


Extremely secure

Our software gets installed next to the source environment, so your production data never needs to leave your trusted environment.


Easily deployed

With the support of a Customer Success Manager, you’ll have a tailored onboarding programme that ensures the success of synthetic data across your organisation.


Simply purchased

Our pricing model is based on a simple product structure, and it scales from single table to enterprise deployment with ease.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies