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Hazy is the most advanced and experienced synthetic data company. We accelerate innovation while increasing privacy at some of the world’s leading financial institutions. And we have fun and (sometimes) wear purple doing it.

We were founded in early 2017 by Harry Keen (CEO), James Arthur (CTO emeritus) and Dr. Luke Robinson (CSO). With one foot in big business and the other in academia, Hazy stands on the belief that privacy by design should not slow down innovation.

Originally a UCL AI spin out, London-based Hazy was initially incubated by Post Urban Ventures and CyLon cybersecurity accelerator. Our startup began trying to fix the flaws of traditional data redaction and then data anonymisation. We soon discovered anonymised data will always pose a risk to re-identification.

We looked at the opportunity in applying machine learning to synthetic data, which starts with the basis that with no real data there is no real risk. We pivoted our focus completely to AI-generated smart synthetic data and have worked to make it both differentially private and statistically representative. We quickly discovered that the organisations that would most benefit from smart synthetic data are highly regulated large enterprises with legacy architecture.

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Over the years Hazy has attracted a team of the best data scientists and engineers in synthetic data and privacy, and with roots in regulated industries. Together we are incorporating cutting-edge research as soon as it’s published into production.

We’ve also grown our leadership team including our CTO Tim Budden and our COO Andrew Keen, who each bring more than 20 years’ experience in the enterprise software space.

Together we are all laying the groundwork for an information economy that allows you to work with people’s data while always respecting their privacy.

In 2018, Hazy won the $1 million Microsoft Innovate AI prize for the best AI startup in Europe.

In 2019, Hazy won a number of awards including the Grand Prix at the prestigious Société Générale Banking CyberSecurity Innovation Awards and the CogX Award for Best Innovation In Data Protection And Privacy.

Hazy now works with some of the world’s leading companies, including Accenture, BMW Group and Nationwide, the world’s largest building society. The company is backed by investors including Microsoft (M12), Notion, Amadeus, Albion and Pentland.

Société Générale Banking CyberSecurity Innovation Awards

Proven pioneers

Hazy synthetic data is being generated on-premise and being used in production at some of the best world’s top financial institutions. Our partners and investors believe in our mission to increase privacy and innovation.

Microsoft innovate AI prize

Microsoft innovate AI prize

Societe Generale Innovation Award

Societe Generale Innovation Award

CogX Best Innovation in data protection

CogX Best Innovation in data protection


Hazy is the most advanced and experience synthetic data company in the world with teammates on three continents. We use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to generate a new type of smart synthetic data that solves the privacy, compliance and access constraints placed on businesses today.

Hazy’s partners and investors

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Hazy is always looking for world class talented team members. If you have data science or ML experience relevant to data privacy or synthetic data and love working on big challenges as part of a close-knit team, feel free to contact us at

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