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Introducing Hazy Synthetic Data Marketplace

The big promise of synthetic data is to allow data owners to share the value and insights their data contains more safely and easily. Our latest release upgrades the Hazy synthetic data library into the first of its kind Synthetic Data Marketplace.

At Hazy, we see our customers sharing data synthetic data assets every day, breaking down traditional silos between production and non-production environments, geographical borders and organisational divisions.

To help our customers achieve seamless and safe data sharing within their businesses we've built the Hazy Synthetic Data Marketplace, for both data producers and consumers.

Introducing the Hazy Marketplace

The marketplace enables data owners or ‘data producers’ to publish generator models and synthetic data sets to an internal marketplace.

Once published, data consumers from across the organisation - from data scientists and developers to business analysts - can access and use these synthetic assets at will, generating and downloading synthetic data for use across multiple use cases.

This functionality greatly reduces friction between teams, 'democratising data' internally as the need for technical knowledge is removed. Splitting out these roles also ensures that only necessary users have access to the source data, supporting with internal governance processes and making it easy for firms to remain compliant with privacy regulation.

Tech Lead and ML Engineer, Rees Davison, runs through the end to end platform, demonstrating the different producer and consumer views in this video:

Evolution of the Synthetic Data Marketplace

Exposing the generator model to the marketplace enables data consumers within an organisation to generate as much data as they like. In the next phase of the marketplace, data producers will be able to expose additional parameters of their generator models which in turn will allow data consumers to tweak, refine and conditionally generate datasets that match their requirements. 

Whether you need a dataset at a different differential privacy setting or with certain classes upsampled, you will, as a data consumer, be able to define this without any prior knowledge or technical skill.

As synthetic data usage grows across different industries, we're seeing increasing interest from our customer base to use the software to monetise their sensitive data assets.

Further ahead, the next step on this journey is to deliver a public marketplace where any Hazy user can publish and license their data as synthetic generator models or datasets. This public marketplace will fully unlock safe data sharing and enable data owners to safely licence access to their proprietary data sets to drive new revenue.

Watch this space for more announcements soon!

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