Launching our public Synthetic Data Marketplace

After the recent launch of our private synthetic data marketplace, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the fully-fledged, public Hazy Marketplace

Users can now not only access and share synthetic datasets but also interact directly with pre-trained generator models and generate as much data as required.

What’s new in Marketplace

The upgraded Marketplace builds on the concept of sharing synthetic datasets, by allowing data producers to publish generator models. This means that data consumers can tweak the model parameters and conditionally generate datasets to match their use case requirements. For instance, consumers can tweak the differential privacy setting to add more or less noise to the data, depending on how private it needs to be, without any technical expertise. 

We’ve also expanded the free datasets available on the Marketplace. Users can access a multitude of cross-sector datasets from financial and telco to healthcare, environmental and retail.

Register for Marketplace

In the future our customers will begin to make sensitive proprietary data available via their Hazy generator models on the public marketplace by publishing directly from their private Hazy instances. This will allow our users to create generator models safely from their own environments before publishing the Generators they want to make available to the public up to the public marketplace. We will also be unlocking a payment layer to allow generator publishers to charge for access to their Generators. 

This is a great way to get started using synthetic data and Hazy’s generator models, without needing a full Hazy licence.

Sign up for the marketplace here and get started with synthetic data immediately.

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