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Enterprise native

Our synthetic data is proven in production with some of the largest, most regulated organisations in the world.

Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies

Use your data without taking any risks

Enterprise data demands highly secure environments to protect it. Gaining access often involves navigating many layers of security and sign off, or moving data and compromising safety.

Every component of the Hazy software is designed for the most sensitive customer environments. So it’s never been safer or easier for your teams to access and use your data.


Architected for usability

Hazy technology has component-based architecture, giving you flexibility to deploy it in the best way for your enterprise. You can also set up an internal synthetic data marketplace where your teams can safely browse data assets ready for instant use.


Designed for security

Hazy is not a SaaS product. There’s no data being transmitted. Our software gets installed next to the source environment, so your production data never leaves your trusted environment. And end users never interact directly with sensitive raw data.


Built for scalability

With our infrastructure you can safely generate any amount of synthetic data on-premises or in the cloud. Our user interface gives everyone in your teams the freedom to generate synthetic datasets and share them as needed.

Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to the UK Government
“Privacy preserving synthetic data, of the kind being pioneered by Hazy, is massively important with potential to reshape the data economy and beyond.”
Robert Lee, Nationwide Building Society
“There is nothing more private for our members than data which has never existed in real life. As we tune the generation of the synthetic data we can create the data at a scale that we have never experienced, and yet it reflects reality; truly amazing.”
Madhu Narasimhan, Wells Fargo
“We underestimated the amount of enthusiasm our internal data scientists would have for this. It’s not just a plus for our business and our ability to serve our customers better; it’s a great workforce energising mechanism as well.”

Enterprise partners

Hazy plugs into your tech ecosystem


Cloud partners

Hazy integrates with leading infrastructure such as AWS and Azure, so you can easily generate and use synthetic data in the cloud.


System integrators

We partner with your existing integrators, or can bring our own, to help bake Hazy’s synthetic data into your tech transformation projects.


Tech partners

Hazy pre-integrates into your existing data and technology stack, so you can plug synthetic data into exactly how you work today.

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