Credit Card Customers Churn

Credit Card Customers Churn

This model was built using a credit card customer dataset which contains information about 10,127 customer transactions. The dataset includes various attributes such as demographic information, transaction history, credit limits, usage patterns, and whether the customer has churned. Customer churning (otherwise known customer attrition) as refers to whether a customer has discontinued their relationship with the credit card company.

The dataset could be used by the credit card company to better predict who, in the future, is gonna get churned, so they can proactively go to the customer to provide them better services in order to change the customer's mind.

The original source data can be found here.

Column Descriptions

This model contains a single table with the following 20 columns:

  • CLIENTNUM: Client number (Unique identifier for the customer holding the account)

  • Attrition_Flag - Customer's Attrition Flag - Attrited Customer, Existing Customer

  • Customer_Age: Customer’s Age in Years

  • Gender: Customer’s Gender - M, F

  • Dependent_count: Number of dependents

  • Education_Level: Educational Qualification of the account holder - College, Doctorate, Graduate, High School, Post-Graduate, Uneducated, Unknown

  • Marital_Status: Demographic variable — Married, Single, Divorced, Unknown

  • Income_Category: Annual Income Category of the account holder - $40K - $60K, $60K - $80K, $80K - $120K, Less than $40K, $120K +, Unknown

  • Card_Category: Type of Card - Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Months_on_book: Period of relationship with bank

  • Total_Relationship_Count: Total no. of products held by the customer

  • Months_Inactive_12_mon: No. of months inactive in the last 12 months

  • Contacts_Count_12_mon: No. of Contacts in the last 12 months

  • Credit_Limit: Credit Limit on the Credit Card

  • Total_Revolving_Bal: Total Revolving Balance on the Credit Card

  • Avg_Open_To_Buy: Open to Buy Credit Line (Average of last 12 months)

  • Total_Amt_Chng_Q4_Q1: Change in Transaction Amount (Q4 over Q1)

  • Total_Trans_Amt: Total Transaction Amount (Last 12 months)

  • Total_Trans_Ct: Total Transaction Count (Last 12 months)

  • Total_Ct_Chng_Q4_Q1: Change in Transaction Count (Q4 over Q1)

  • Avg_Utilization_Ratio: Average Card Utilization Ratio

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