Avocado prices

This model offers historical data on avocado prices and sales volume in multiple US markets. It contains 2018 retail scan data for Hass avocados across multiple retail channels, providing insights into national volume, price, and product codes.

The source data can be found on https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/neuromusic/avocado-prices. However, the data was originally downloaded from the Hass Avocado Board website in May of 2018 & compiled into a single CSV. Here's how the Hass Avocado Board describes the data on their website:

The table below represents weekly 2018 retail scan data for National retail volume (units) and price. Retail scan data comes directly from retailers’ cash registers based on actual retail sales of Hass avocados. Starting in 2013, the table below reflects an expanded, multi-outlet retail data set. Multi-outlet reporting includes an aggregation of the following channels: grocery, mass, club, drug, dollar and military. The Average Price (of avocados) in the table reflects a per unit (per avocado) cost, even when multiple units (avocados) are sold in bags. The Product Lookup codes (PLU’s) in the table are only for Hass avocados. Other varieties of avocados (e.g. greenskins) are not included in this table.

Column descriptions

The model includes a single table of the following 13 columns:

  • Date- the date of the observation
  • AveragePrice- the average price of a single avocado
  • type- conventional or organic
  • year- the year
  • region- the city or region of the observation
  • Total Volume - total number of avocados sold
  • 4046- total number of avocados with PLU 4046 sold
  • 4225- total number of avocados with PLU 4225 sold
  • 4770- total number of avocados with PLU 4770 sold
  • Small Bags - total number of small bags sold
  • Large Bags - total number of large bags sold
  • XLarge Bags - total number of extra large bags sold
  • Total Bags - total number of all sized bags sold

Avocado price look-up (PLU) codes mentioned above:

  • 4046: non-organic small/medium Hass Avocados (~3-5 oz)
  • 4225: non-organic large Hass Avocados (~8-10 oz)
  • 4770: non-organic extra large Hass Avocados (~10-15 oz)

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