Hazy Synthetic Data on AWS

The most secure synthetic data platform available on AWS

Accelerate your data workflows with the most secure synthetic data platform available on AWS.

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Why Hazy on AWS?

Unbeatable security

Deploy Hazy on your own infrastructure so no data leaves your environment and only the right people have access. 

Instant access

Invest your committed AWS spend, eliminating the need for additional budget approvals

Cost effective

Affordable and scalable pricing with all tiers including unlimited users and no limits on generated data. 

Fast deployment

Get started right away with Hazy’s AMI deployment and no-code interface.

Data accuracy

Generate high quality tabular synthetic data, preserving the statistical characteristics and referential integrity of the original data.

Get started with the most secure synthetic data platform

Deploy Hazy via AWS

Supercharge your use cases

Get started with synthetic data immediately and speed up multiple business processes.

Accelerate adoption of AI

High quality synthetic data to build, train and enhance AI models

Test at scale

Realistic test data to validate new systems, applications and technologies

Innovate faster

Share data internally and externally to validate new products and vendors

Empower business intelligence

Perform accurate analytics to improve decision making

Monetise data

Publish safe synthetic versions of your data to generate new revenue streams

Hazy Synthetic Data & AWS architecture

How it works

Self-hosted for security and scalability

Deploy the Hazy AMI on your own infrastructure in minutes. Environments can easily be scaled up and down depending on usage.  

Flexible cloud offering

Manage licensing and billing seamlessly through your AWS account and only pay for what you need with our scaled column pricing tiers.

Comprehensive support

All subscription tiers include access to extensive product documentation, ticketing support and regular check-in sessions.

Who can benefit?

Once deployed on AWS, technical and non-technical users can start generating synthetic data quickly with the easy to use UI. The platform is set up for data consumers and producers to perform their tasks safely, keeping data secure whilst enabling collaboration across teams.


Developers & Engineers

Fpr testing applications, APIs, and software products. Identify and rectify any issues without exposing real user data.


Data Scientists & Analysts

For model development, testing, and validation. Improve algorithm accuracy, understand data patterns, and refine predictive models.


BI & Analytics

For trend analysis, visualisation, and business insights. Supports strategic decision-making by helping understand data patterns and enhancing BI tools.


Innovation & Research

Develop proof of concepts, simulate experiments, and conduct research in various fields, fostering innovation and advancements.



Organisations collaborating with external organisations or forming partnerships can share synthetic data and insights without disclosing proprietary or sensitive information.

The most secure synthetic data platform available on AWS

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