Hazy’s enterprise-grade synthetic data platform now available on the AWS Marketplace

Data security and data privacy are paramount for the businesses we work with. That’s why Hazy’s self-hosted options are the most popular with our customers. Sensitive data remains firmly under their control, eliminating the need for data to ever leave their environment.

With Hazy on AWS Marketplace, the most secure and cost effective synthetic data platform is available for customers to deploy effortlessly in their private cloud.

Start generating synthetic data in minutes, harnessing the speed, flexibility, and scalability offered by AWS.

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Key benefits

Unbeatable security:
Deploy Hazy on your own infrastructure so no data leaves your environment and only the right people have access.  

Cost effective:
Hazy offers the most affordable and scalable pricing with all tiers including unlimited users and no limits on generated data. 

Instant access:
Get started right away with Hazy's AMI deployment and no-code interface.

How it works

Getting started with Hazy via AWS is quick and easy.

Purchase Hazy following the standard AWS contract terms, already approved by your legal team. Invest your committed AWS spend, eliminating the need for additional budget approvals.

  1. Go to the Hazy listing on AWS Marketplace [link]
  2. Select the Hazy tier that fits your expected usage
  3. Confirm your Hazy purchase
  4. Deploy the Hazy AMI on your EC2 instance
  5. Start generating synthetic data

Once deployed, synthetic data is quick and easy to generate using Hazy’s no-code interface, and data can be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows. Find out more.

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Get started on AWS
Why Hazy self-hosted

As part of synthetic data generation, the software must train on real data to learn the patterns and correlations of the source data. To ensure no real data leaves its secure environment, the best way to deploy a synthetic data platform is by deploying it next to the source data.

Whilst many of our customers deploy the Hazy software on-premises to fit their existing infrastructure, organisations who have moved to the cloud deploy in their private cloud. This deployment method allows them to get started with Hazy synthetic data in minutes and make the most of the speed, flexibility and scalability benefits of cloud infrastructure.

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