Hazy Synthetic Data in ICO PETs Guidance

Hazy-Nationwide synthetic data case study published in latest ICO PETs guidance

We are excited to announce a new milestone for Hazy – our collaborative case study with Nationwide Building Society has been published in the latest Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)'s PETs Guidance, a testament to our impactful work in the domain of privacy-enhancing technologies. This recognition follows our previous accolades, including the Digital Leaders AI & Data Initiative of the Year and a feature in techUK's AI Adoption Report.

The case study

Nationwide needed to test a third-party detection system that predicts vulnerable customers based on their income and spending patterns, so that support can be offered before the individuals accrue debt or face difficulty. 

Hazy’s synthetic data platform was pivotal in enabling Nationwide to test the system efficiently before its actual implementation, while minimising personal data processing and reducing the risk of inappropriate access.

Using synthetic data reduced the overall testing duration from an arduous six months to just three days. It also exemplifies Hazy's ability to balance innovation with ethical considerations, providing a template for future projects in various industries.

Our project with Nationwide was not just a technical endeavor but a bold step in redefining how financial services handle sensitive data. By developing privacy-preserving synthetic data with explicit differentially private guarantees, we effectively preserved the privacy and utility of data relating to vulnerable individuals.

Hazy synthetic data training process
High level overview of Hazy Synthetic Data processing (source: ICO)


This landmark project, now recognised in the ICO PETs Guidance highlights Hazy’s leadership in privacy-enhancing technologies. With a focus on data protection, we are setting new industry standards, ensuring legal compliance and building trust in synthetic data with partners and customers. Our work not only demonstrates our technological expertise but also reinforces our commitment to ethical responsibility in data handling.

As we continue to innovate, this recognition inspires us to explore new frontiers in data privacy, maintaining our role as a leader in the synthetic data space. We are dedicated to advancing privacy-enhancing technologies, ensuring our clients and their customers always benefit from the highest standards of data protection and innovation.

Hazy & Nationwide case study on the ICO

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