7 reasons companies choose Hazy synthetic data

7 reasons data-led companies choose Hazy synthetic data

The power of synthetic data is fully unlocked when generated via a comprehensive end-to-end platform that enables synthetic data to be generated easily, quickly and safely.

Here are the top seven reasons why our customers choose Hazy:

1. Privacy and compliance at the core

Protecting individuals’ privacy is at the core of Hazy’s values, and compliance features are fundamental to the Hazy platform. Our generator models have differential privacy enabled by default, minimising the risk of re-identification with proven mathematical guarantees.

Additionally, Hazy automatically detects personal identifiable information (PII) during analysis and includes an auditable data controller sign-off for increased accountability. We also provide multiple research-backed privacy metrics, empowering your teams to champion synthetic data safely.

Built in synthetic data compliance checks
Built-in compliance checks

2. The most extensive metrics suite

In addition to our privacy metrics, Hazy incorporates a complete set of statistical quality checks and validation reports. Our metrics have been carefully curated to include a catalogue of over 12 key metrics covering similarity, utility, and privacy, enabling users to compare the outputted synthetic data with the real data.

Hazy also includes validation reports to ensure the synthetic data meets the required standards in terms of structure and referential integrity. Our comprehensive metrics suite, combined with the validation reports, give users confidence in the data quality to facilitate rapid adoption.

Synthetic data distribution chart
Similarity metrics

3. Intuitive user interface

Hazy is built with usability at its core and is designed to accommodate users with a range of technical expertise.

Developed around user feedback, the Hazy Hub provides an easy to use UI which guides users through a seamless configure, train and generate workflow. More advanced users can take advantage of our Software Development Kit (SDK) which provides in-depth customisation and integration capabilities, allowing for precise adaptation to requirements.

4. Designed for unbeatable security

From the outset, we designed the Hazy platform to be self-hosted, so that your sensitive data never leaves your environment and you have full control over who has access. We offer support for multiple hosting options, including native cloud and on-premise, with seamless deployment options through container, AMI or Kubernetes. For those who want to experiment with the tool, we provide a free SaaS version for users to get hands-on experience.

5. Enterprise-grade support

Every Hazy licence comes with enterprise-grade support to help you maximise value from your investment. A dedicated Customer Success or Implementation Manager will be your central point of contact offering guidance to drive adoption for optimal use of the platform. Our team of experts, including engineers and privacy specialists, are always available to address specific needs.

Access to our extensive product documentation serves as a valuable resource for users. Finally, regular check-in sessions and training enable you to become self-sufficient in scaling your synthetic data capability. 

6. Cost effective pricing

Unlocking the power of synthetic data has never been easier with Hazy’s cost-effective and scalable licence tiers. Each tier is scaled based on the number of columns ingested for training your generator models - offering a simple, intuitive and value-based pricing structure. As you expand across more synthetic data use cases, simply increase your column allocation. What’s more, every tier includes unlimited users and no limits on generated data. 

7. Pioneers in synthetic data

Today, we’re at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development and we are proud to offer the most feature-rich product on the market.

Hazy was the first company to take synthetic data to market as an enterprise product and our software has continuously been developed to fulfil these requirements. This means that the platform can handle complex data sets from the largest organisations and can seamlessly integrate into the most complex environments.

Our Research & Development and Product teams are pioneers in their field, constantly pushing the boundaries to enhance the platform's capabilities and innovate around our customer’s needs. Check out our Head of Research’s latest work here.

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