Introducing Hazy Whisper

We’re excited to announce the beta version of Whisper, a chat-based engine that enables users to generate bespoke test data from scratch. 

Manually creating data is slow

A lot of customers we work with struggle to get access to good quality data for testing purposes and are forced to manually create test data. 

This is an extremely time consuming and resource intensive process. Refinements are similarly slow and often result in having to restart the process.

Existing solutions only offer single table capabilities yet most use cases require complex  multi-tabular data.

An intuitive solution to a common problem

That’s why we’ve built Whisper - a chat-based engine that enables users to generate multi-table realistic data using chat prompts. 

Using LLM technology and Hazy’s core synthetic data product, Whisper offers a quick solution to generating test data from scratch, enabling developers to build products and features much faster. 

Hazy Whisper screenshot
Chat functionality to describe and generate any data that you need
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Bespoke datasets, easily editable

Users can describe the data they need to the chat bot, then review the sample that is generated from their prompts. Tweaks are simple and quick to make using the same chat functionality. Once happy with the sample data, a single click will generate limitless data, totally artificial and safe to use.

On top of that, the test data produced is fully referentially integral and will create row level coherence unless instructed otherwise. Another benefit of using LLMs for this approach is that you can inject fields with complex free text paragraphs.

With this data, developers can create realistic test data for:

  • Testing systems stability and responsiveness
  • Validating functional product features 
  • Developing new products or services
  • Evaluating third party software.
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