Hazy Synthetic Data Maturity Model

Synthetic data is at a critical inflection point in terms of real business impact. To unlock its wide-ranging benefits, technology leaders must be able to determine how ready their organisations are to implement synthetic data.

To aid in this discovery, Hazy has created the first ever synthetic data maturity model - a comprehensive tool for assessing organisations’ capabilities and mapping their path to progression.

Our whitepaper covers everything you need to know about becoming synthetic data ready.

Whitepaper contents

Synthetic data maturity stages and behaviours

Discover the five data maturity stages and their associated enterprise behaviours.

Key areas to focus on

How to identify your organisation's current level of synthetic data readiness.

Navigating adoption and scaling activities

Advice on how to seamlessly grow from one maturity stage to the next.

Case study

How one financial firm progressed along the maturity pathway and its impact on their business.

We’re always here to support you as synthetic data experts. We can advise you on how to begin or accelerate your synthetic data journey, drawing on the experience of our customers and best practices.

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