The GDPR Honeymoon is Over - Full Webinar

Join us for a discussion on the growth of GDPR fines issued by the ICO that has caught many organisations off-guard. The significant increase in fines for GDPR non-compliance, from €158.5 million in 2020 to just under €1.1 billion in 2021, is a signpost for what’s coming ahead if organisations continue to ignore GDPR laws.

What are the implications of this for innovation and product development in financial services and other enterprise sectors? What is the GDPR Enforcement Tracker telling us about the post pandemic landscape? How can synthetic data help in terms of compliance as well as building that competitive advantage when it comes to legacy data manipulation challenges? Can organisations afford the risk?

These are some of the questions panel members Umesh Jetha from Nationwide Building Society, Lili and Ian from CMS, and Harry from Hazy discuss in this webinar recording.

The GDPR Enforcement Tracker Report mentioned in this webinar was released after this event was held and can be accessed here:

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