Who uses Hazy? - Synthetic Data Use Cases

Synthetic data use cases are plentiful. Most of them boil down to a commercial situation where you want to access and use your data, but you are stifled by regulation or layers of bureaucracy. 

Our software replicates enterprise data, preserving the statistical properties needed while omitting all personal information to maintain privacy. Hazy synthetic data falls outside the scope of GDPR and CCPA regulations, meaning it can be repeatedly generated and safely shared. This can range from sharing data within an organisation across geographical borders, departments and divisions, to evaluating potential third-party integration partners, to data monetisation. 

Hazy's customers tend to be in highly regulated industries, which includes financial services such as banking, insurance and fintech, telecommunications, government agencies, third-party vendors (Microsoft Azure), and innovators like Accenture. 

Speed up innovation while shoring up your privacy. 

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