Born in the UCL

University College London (UCL) is one of the world’s leading institutions for foundational research in AI and we’re proud to be an official UCL AI spin-out.

Late last year (2017, when still called Anon AI) we received investment from the UCL Technology Fund, alongside AI Seed, Ascension Ventures and the London Co-Investment Fund. The funding of ~£340,000 was transformational in enabling us to build out both our team and our technology.

Dr. Fintan Nagle, a machine learning scientist in UCL’s Department of Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences, is one of Hazy’s Co-Founders. Fintan leads our AI research and his expertise steers our development of bespoke data classification and normalisation systems. It's hugely excited to be working with Fintan to create such intelligent software and now see it rolling out to our BETA customers.

One of the many other benefits of working so closely with UCL is that we are able to meet and recruit some of the finest emerging academics in data science. Our lead data scientist, Sofiane Mahiou, is a recent UCL masters graduate and works alongside Fintan to design and implement our classification and anonymisation algorithms.

We can’t extend enough thanks to our supporters at UCL, without whom we would not be in such a strong position to tackle the challenge of automating data anonymisation.

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