Welcome to the synthetic future

Synthetic data radically increases data agility, reduces risk profile and opens up new potential for data innovation.

How Hazy works

Hazy is a synthetic data generation platform with a unified core workflow. It’s composed out of pluggable components and installed on your systems, next to your data.

Automatic provisioning

Hazy products are deployed as fully managed tactical tools, with command line, web service and browser-based interfaces. They can be used to quickly and automatically generate and provision data into production, test, sandpit, labs, cloud and external environments.

Next to your data, within your network

We are available to run on-premises for enterprise customers and we are optimised for secure private cloud deployment, where our technology runs on resources that are dynamically provisioned within your cloud.

Running on-premises
Within your private cloud
Private cloud

In a on-premise environment, we install and package our software onto virtual machine (VM) instances to run within your private network and data centre.

In a cloud environment like AWS and Microsoft Azure, we dynamically deploy model training and data generation virtual machine (VM) instances within your private cloud.

These instances live within your security infrastructure and firewalls. Data is modelled and generated within your network, without ever leaving your network.