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Hazy is an enterprise software vendor working with some of the leading names in financial services, utilities, telecoms and government.


Using Hazy data can radically increase data agility and innovation at large financial enterprises. Privacy preserving synthetic data is much safer to work with than real data and helps eliminate blockers to data use and innovation.

Rebalancing Hazy data can boost fraud and money laundering detection and accuracy to combat financial crime. Generating Hazy data for forecasting and simulation helps banks explore and model large-scale externalities.


Using Hazy data to boost fraud detection helps prevent theft and fraud committed using or involving a payment card, such as a credit card or debit card.

Increasing detection accuracy and reducing false positives allows more fraud to be caught faster. This helps reduce cost of chargebacks, investigations and from issuing new cards.


Using Hazy data to improve assessment of credit risk helps reduce defaults and optimise the pricing of lending products.

Hazy data can be used both to improve classification and quantification of lending risk and to simulate and / or transfer customer behaviour despite incomplete data.


Using Hazy data to boost outlier detection can radically improve detection of fraudulent insurance claims. Better performance reduces the cost of payouts. Reduced false positives reduces the cost of investiogations.

In addition, using Hazy data to improve assessment of risk and enable simulation and forecasting can optimise actuarial risk assessment and pricing.

Utilities, telecoms and government

In addition to financial, Hazy also works with consumer brands, telecoms, utilities and government – any sector where fraud detection, risk modelling and forecasting is highly valuable.

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