Users added to an Organisation are granted access to the Hub UI and also the API.

Creating Users

To create a user, select the "Users" tab from the Organisation's home page and click "Add new user".

This will take you to the create user form. All fields in this form are required.

The Hub does not have the capability to send emails within your network, so you must transmit the user's password to them using some internal communication system, e.g. email. Because of this you have the option to force the user to change their password on first login.

User Roles

If you are an administrator for more than one Organisation, you will have the option to join this new user to any of the Organisations you have admin control over.

Within an organisation, each user has an assigned role. This role determines what the user is able to do within that organisation.

See Role- and Team-based access control for an overview of the Roles available.

Team Memberships

While creating a new user, you will have the option to assign them to any number of existing Teams.

Managing Users

Removing from the Organisation

If you would like to remove a User from your Organisation, simply click the "Remove" button next to their name in the Organisation's Users list.

Changing Role

To change a User's role within your organisation, select the new role from the pull down next to their name in the Organisation's Users list.

Editing Users

Click on the User's name in the Organisation's Users list to edit a User.

This will allow you to change their personal details such as name and email and quickly assign them to Organisations you have administrative control over or to Teams within your Organisation.

Resetting a User's Password

Passwords are stored in the Hub DB in an encrypted form, so we cannot retrieve them once set. If a User has forgotten their password, then they must request a password reset from a Hub administrator.

Within the "Edit user" page, click on "Reset Password" to be taken to the reset password page. This will confirm that you want to reset the User's password and also give you the option of forcing them to set a new password the next time they login.

Once you click on "Yes" within the "Reset Password" page you will be taken back to the Organisation's User list and the User's new password will be displayed. You must make a note of this password as there is no way to retrieve it once you navigate away from the page. As for creating a new user, you must transmit this password to them via e.g. internal email.

API Keys

In order to use the API you need your API key. This is easily accessible from your Dashboard page.