Vodafone, Luke Ibbetson, Head of Group R&D
“We’re really excited about the potential of Hazy synthetic data across Vodafone Group.

We’re impressed with the quality, utility and usability of the datasets, as well as the software’s ease of deployment.”
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Make data-backed decisions quicker than ever

Telcos handle huge amounts of data, but regulations limit how long they can keep it. This impacts innovation and their ability to tackle their biggest issue: customer churn.

With Hazy, telcos can generate realistic datasets to share quickly and freely – and they can keep this data as long as they like.

A core privacy tool

Quickly and accurately predict churn

Vodafone wanted to reduce customer churn but had to use real data to test their churn ML models, which is slowed by regulation. The firm now uses Hazy Synthetic Data as a key technology in its privacy engineering toolbox across the organisation.

Boost sales

Optimising revenue-driving marketing

A telco firm was looking to drive customer revenue through marketing, but privacy regulations were holding them back. Using Hazy Synthetic Data, they’ve improved their customer profiling and behaviour predictions, leading to high performing marketing campaigns and greater revenue.

Extract insights

Generating quality test data

A multinational telco has millions of customers across America. But extracting insights from their data was incredibly difficult due to data protection policies (CCPA). So, they turned to Hazy synthetic data. Now their teams can generate as much production-quality data as they need for testing. And it’s all completely compliant.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies