Tom Davis
Tom Davis, Microsoft
“The integrity you can achieve with Hazy’s synthetic data is just amazing.”
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Reclaim the ability to commercialise data

Selling data was once a much simpler business model. But as privacy regulations become more complex, monetising data safely requires innovative approaches. 

Synthetic data enables research firms to sell synthetic versions of their data or sell the insights and models garnered from it. All without risking anyone’s privacy.

Protect PII

Monetising data safely

A global data analytics firm provides consumer insights to clients running analytical models. This involves long lead times because of security hurdles, and the sensitivity of the data adds risk. They turned to Hazy Synthetic Data to get a realistic view of consumer profiles while remaining compliant.

Identify behaviours

Scaling market basket analytics

A market research firm wanted to identify consumer product purchase behaviours to fuel digital marketing strategies, but they needed this data to be fully anonymous.

Using a synthetic version of the data ensured customer buying habits were kept fully anonymous but were still able to feed into higher converting PoS campaigns, resulting in an increase of sales.

Boost revenue

Maximise promotional margins

Using synthetic data, one research firm helped their retail customer boost revenue through price strategy optimisation by pinpointing products that consumers buy regardless of promotional activity.

Using a synthesised dataset that severed ties with personal consumer information, the firm safely distilled data insights to grow revenue.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies