Professor Anthony Finkelstein
Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to the UK Government
“Privacy preserving synthetic data, of the kind being pioneered by Hazy, is massively important with potential to reshape the data economy and beyond.”
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Generate compliant data for large-scale use

Data compliance is paramount in government departments. However, the controls in place also restrict the ability to access and use valuable data internally.

Synthetic data is compliant by design and safe to share. And its statistical properties are accurate enough to test new capabilities, validate new vendors and train ML models at scale.

What we do

Testing software quickly and safely

NSSIF needed a way to share insights across their organisation to test software – but working with citizen data meant privacy was key. Now with Hazy, they use synthetic datasets as drop-in replacements in their production environment, significantly speeding up testing.

What we do

Testing new capabilities for tracking assets

A government agency used Hazy to safely track the movement of their airfield assets by generating synthetic datasets that were reflective of the source GPS data, without any attributable link to it. Helping them to develop an innovative new capability while maintaining their compliance.

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies