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Chief Data Officer, Nationwide
“Hazy’s synthetic customer and member data has radically improved the speed and safety of digital delivery. Teams now get realistic data in hours or days rather than weeks or months.”
Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies
What we do

Generate high-quality datasets on demand

Accessible, realistic test data is hard to come by in highly regulated industries. Transformation and innovation can be slow. Partnering with agile third parties is often difficult too.

Synthetic data changes the landscape, enabling financial service providers to quickly generate and share high-quality, safe data that unlocks possibilities to gain competitive advantage.

Innovate faster

Validating external partners quickly

Nationwide often need to partner with third parties to become quicker and more agile in their innovation. But validating third party vendors requires quality data. With Hazy, they generate highly realistic synthetic datasets and speed up their vendor validation.

From six months to three days: Hazy cuts time for Nationwide to evaluate partners

Train quickly and accurately

Accelerating AI adoption

Wells Fargo uses data to evaluate ML techniques and new software. They previously relied on datasets that were expensive and time consuming to generate. Now using synthetic data, they generate larger datasets for training and can easily dial up specific testing scenarios.

Data that flows

Provisioning data faster

An investment manager had lengthy governance steps when provisioning data to internal teams and third parties. What was supposed to facilitate rapid product prototyping was actually a very slow process. With Hazy, data provisioning now takes days rather than months.

GDPR compliant

Generating safe test data

A Nordic bank depends on test data to build new products. Traditionally they would populate augmented production data manually – a time consuming, expensive and risky process. Now they use Hazy to generate synthetic datasets. It’s faster and always compliant.

Data that makes an impact

3 days

Decrease data provisioning time from 6 months to 3 days

100% new data

Populate non-production databases with totally new, production-like data

Unlimited use cases

Create internal synthetic data marketplaces

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Trusted by the world’s most ambitious companies