Welcome to Hazy!

Welcome to Hazy!

By on 30 Apr 2018.

Anon AI was born out of UCL’s computer science department in 2017 to help companies treat customer data responsibly. Now we’re known as Hazy, we're taking our first products to our waiting list of customers. It’s the start of a revolution in how companies work with data.

Why Hazy?

We needed a name that helped us stand out from the crowd. Hazy is a strong, memorable, personable brand name. It plays on concepts of statistical inference, memory and blurring. Our AI technology is fundamentally based on statistical inference and anonymisation works by generalising or blurring data -- making it harder to see the details. Hazy memories also play into one of the the GDPR's main requirements, the right to be forgotten.

You can think of Hazy as a tool for blurring and forgetting. It’s clearly a slightly playful interpretation of what our tool can do. We're proud that our cloud-based platform is designed to be low touch and easy to use. So whilst we're a serious business tool, we liked the memorable, personal tone and we think it matches the usability we aspire to.

Data privacy and liquidity is a huge challenge and opportunity (McKinsey value it at $3 trillion annually). As a tool for maximising privacy and liquidty, one day we hope to be as ubiquitous as other well know tools like Skype and Slack.

(It also feels like a particularly apt-name for a London-based company, a city not necessarily known for its blue skies and sunshine.)

So we settled on Hazy. Just four letters to represent a truly game-changing technology company.


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